4″ Speech Privacy speakers and control unit.

So what is a speech privacy system? Basically, the system consists of a number of small 4” speakers mounted in the ceiling of your workspace which are controlled by a small amplifier. The speakers emit white noise. White noise has an airflow sound similar to that of a heating/cooling system.


How does a speech privacy system help in employee productivity and satisfaction? While white noise is unobtrusive and does not effect person-to-person interaction it is just loud enough to mask most of the distracting conversations in the office space. Employees can still hear that someone a couple of cubicles away is talking but because of the white noise they have difficulty in making out what they are saying. This reduces distractions and improves productivity. An equally important benefit is that employees feel more at ease in knowing that their conversation is difficult for others to hear improving employee satisfaction in the workplace.


Speech Privacy systems are ideal for many applications


  • Large open office spaces
  • Conference rooms
  • Lobby areas
  • Medical practices where patient privacy is important


Interesting Statistics


  • Employees loose as much as 86 minutes per day due to noise distractions.

2014 Steelcase/Ipsos Study


  • Lack of speech privacy is the number one environmental cause for employee dissatisfaction in the workplace.

Center for Built Environment in Berkeley, California. Survey consisted of 25,000 workers in more than 2000 buildings.


Arizona Audio Visual has partnered with Cambridge Sound Management a leader in speech privacy systems. Contact us to get a free consultation at your place of business.