The Latest Tech: Training Rooms

////The Latest Tech: Training Rooms

The Latest Tech: Training Rooms

Tabula Rasa Healthcare approached us and asked for a training room design for their new Tucson facility.


Nearly every business begins their employee’s journey with a head-spinning amount of valuable information. Proper training rooms equip teachers with tools to funnel and direct that information into a clear training experience.

Defining Training Rooms

A great training room allows the presenter to engage and interact with large groups of people.

Training rooms typically require 4 essential technologies

A Great Microphone System

A great classroom setup starts by making sure the instructor can be clearly heard by all participants. In larger classrooms, where the instructors want to create an interactive experience, participants will also have a microphone at their disposal. This was the case at Tabula Rasa Healthcare. Here we used a couple of microphone types to get the job done. For the instructor we selected a Shure SM58 wireless microphone. The microphone is mounted to a gooseneck at the lectern and can be undocked when the instructor wants to move around.


For training participants, we selected a new technology from Catchbox.

Catchbox with Corporate Color and Logo Options

This company makes soft sided rechargeable microphone systems. These fun microphones can be passed(thrown) around and take the anxiety out of sharing your questions. Both the Shure and Catchbox microphones can be heard through the new JBL ceiling speakers.

Place of Presentation

This new Middle Atalntic’s L2 Series Lectern is the presenter’s command center for this system. It is pre-built with an equipment rack as well as USB and traditional power connections for charging smart phones or laptops. Most of the fundamental devices are installed and stored here.

Control Training from Start to Finish

To ensure anyone can walk up and operate the system, we implemented a touch screen controller from Kramer Control. The controller is fitted to the lectern within hands’ reach, and we refined all necessary commands down to a few intuitive icons. Now, presenters won’t be bombarded with any confusing equipment or accidentally change critical settings.

Universal Visibility

Two large 75 inch televisions mounted symmetrically on either side of the space display the same content to ensure all audience members have the most direct line of sight from any position. These screens connect back to the lectern video system to display P.C. content or a guest laptop through a hardwired HDMI cable with various adapters.

Always in Earshot

To hear all amplified voices and media, we chose JBL commercial ceiling mounted speakers to evenly disburse audio throughout the space. To achieve this clear distribution, we use the JBL speaker placement software to choose the precise model, quantity, and locations of ceiling speakers based on the room dimensions.

Audio elements such as microphone signals, phone calls through the client telephone system, and presentations from the P.C. feed these speakers.




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